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What We Offer


Q-Bars is offering a wide range of services per and after sales to meet customers satisfaction and convenience. Please contact our technical team to know more about our services.

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Site Measurements


Our dedicated engineering team using the most advanced laser equipment are available to make a full site survey and take all the necessary measurements.

3D CAD Modelling


Using the latest AutoCAD version. A full 3D drawing will be designed for all the lines of the bus-bar trunking system showing all the necessary details on it ready for approval from the consultant and contractor.

Testing & Commissioning


Testing is done for all the delivered parts of the Bus-Bar trunking system at the site using the insulation tester. Also a full Insulation test is conducted for the whole system connected together and a report is issued and submitted to the consultant.

Full On-Site Installation

Our trained team is available to do the installation for all the parts of the Bus-Bar trunking system upon request.

Thermal Imaging


A full report is done using an Infrared Camera to show all the weak points in the electrical system by giving indications of the warm & cold areas indicated in degrees. As a result it is a good method to predict the faults that might occur and solve them before they take place.

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A yearly maintenance contract can be made includes Insulation test and Thermal imaging to trace all the faults that are expected to take place in the electrical system.
To know more about our services and maintenance contract please 
Q-Bars offers warranty on it's delivered products up to 5 years from the date of commissioning against any defect that might be found in the delivered parts.
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