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About Q-Bars


Q-Bars bus-bar trunking system is designed for the transportation and distribution of electrical power systems. It can be used to connect the Transformers and Generators to LV and MV Panels, in addition to that it can be used in feeding the rest of the electrical power system by means of Plug-In Units.

The Q-Bar system has distinctive features such as the purity of the Copper bars used which is over than 99.9% and it is also tinned along the entire length of the copper bars.


Q-Bars also uses a very unique and special double insulation layers that withstand up to 300 Celsius degrees. 

Q-Bars has it's fully dedicated engineering team that work hardly to improve the system as a whole to achieve a total customer satisfaction and convenience and to also maintain the reliability and effectiveness of the Q-Bar system. 

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Why Choose Q-Bars ?


The Q-Bars series is '' better in every way '' as it is designed to be improved in all system aspects from construction to materials. Every detail is carefully studied and designed to ensure the betterment of the system as a whole. With the rising demand for efficient Bus-Bars to be used in Towers, Skyscrapers, Commercial malls, Hotels and Industrial buildings we made sure that our technology utilizes the most reliable and efficient design to ensure our clients are totally convenient and a worry free installation.

Complete IEC Testing

  • The complete Bus-Bar range is type tested as per IEC61439-1/6 

  • Highest Short Circuit Withstand up to 50KA per 3 Seconds.

  • Fully type tested at one of the biggest laboratories in the world (DEKRA, Netherlands)

Type Tested By DEKRA


  • DEKRA is considered one of the biggest laboratories in the world for testing Electrical systems.

  • Q-Bars range is fully tested for Short circuit withstand, Clearance & Creepage distance, etc..

Fast, Best, Supply & Apply Solutions


  • Q-Bars is offering the fastest delivery in less than 4 weeks.

  • Fully dedicated engineering team is available for making site surveys and designing complete Isometric drawings.

  • The best prices out in the market.

  • Installation is optional upon request.

After Sales Services

  • In case any pieces need to be changed, we are capable of replacing it within 24 hours.

  • Save the costs of malfunctioning Bus-Bar lines.

  • Offering a wide range of services and maintenance solutions.

Green Product

  • More than 98% of the product materials are recycled.

  • Energy usage and pollution for transportation is the lowest.

  • More than 60% of the Raw material are produced in the GCC region.

  • Lowest environmental impacts.

Fast Delivery


  • Saving up to 3 months of delivery time by avoiding Sea freight.

  • Guaranteed source, quality and warranty up to 5 years in addition to worry free installation.

  • Avoiding unknown brands and questionable brands.

  • Complete engineering team at your disposal.

  • Fully automated production lines.

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