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Bus-bar Trunking System

  • Painted Extruded Aluminum Housing With RAL7035

  • High Conductivity Tinned Copper With Purity Over Than 99.9%

  • Fully Complied With IEC Standards

  • Type Tested In Netherlands By DEKRA

  • Warranty Up To 5 Years

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Complete IEC Testing

  • The complete Bus-Bar range is type tested as per IEC61439-1/6 

  • Highest Short Circuit Withstand up to 50KA per 3 Seconds.

  • Fully type tested at one of the biggest laboratories in the world (DEKRA, Netherlands)

Type Tested By DEKRA


  • DEKRA is considered one of the biggest laboratories in the world for testing Electrical systems.

  • Q-Bars range is fully tested for Short circuit withstand, Clearance & Creepage distance, etc..

Fast, Best, Supply & Apply Solutions


  • Q-Bars is offering the fastest delivery in less than 4 weeks.

  • Fully dedicated engineering team is available for making site surveys and designing complete Isometric drawings.

  • The best prices out in the market.

  • Installation is optional upon request.

After Sales Services

  • In case any pieces need to be changed, we are capable of replacing it within 24 hours.

  • Save the costs of malfunctioning Bus-Bar lines.

  • Offering a wide range of services and maintenance solutions.

Green Product

  • More than 98% of the product materials are recycled.

  • Energy usage and pollution for transportation is the lowest.

  • More than 60% of the Raw material are produced in the GCC region.

  • Lowest environmental impacts.

Fast Delivery


  • Saving up to 3 months of delivery time by avoiding Sea freight.

  • Guaranteed source, quality and warranty up to 5 years in addition to worry free installation.

  • Avoiding unknown brands and questionable brands.

  • Complete engineering team at your disposal.

  • Fully automated production lines.

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Site Measurements


Our dedicated engineering team using the most advanced laser equipment are available to make a full site survey and take all the necessary measurements.

3D CAD Modelling


Using the latest AutoCAD version. A full 3D drawing will be designed for all the lines of the bus-bar trunking system showing all the necessary details on it ready for approval from the consultant and contractor.

Testing & Commissioning


Testing is done for all the delivered parts of the Bus-Bar trunking system at the site using the insulation tester. Also a full Insulation test is conducted for the whole system connected together and a report is issued and submitted to the consultant.

Full On-Site Installation

Our trained team is available to do the installation for all the parts of the Bus-Bar trunking system upon request.

Thermal Imaging


A full report is done using an Infrared Camera to show all the weak points in the electrical system by giving indications of the warm & cold areas indicated in degrees. As a result it is a good method to predict the faults that might occur and solve them before they take place.

Our Clients
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And Many More ...

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